If you are like me, I cannot believe the prices that the newspapers are charging for classified ads.  .

The last time I placed a classified ad in our local paper, It cost me over $50 for 7 days.  Here is our solution to the problem:

This is a low cost classified ads solution for Everyone.  We are committed to helping buyers, and sellers, to have a media that has large traffic, and is cost effective.

You will see that we do not offer free ads.  We market our sites to the public to bring you buyers.  If someone is giving you a free classified, then we bet, you’re not selling your product.  Let us drive buyers to you.  We run a honest, and high quality service, that is a great value to the customer.

We spare no expense driving incredible traffic to this site, to sell your products.

doesn’t stop there!, We also send out your ad, all over the world, using RSS Feeds to broadcast your listing.  This is a incredible way to get your product, or service advertised quickly.  Once your ad is placed, it starts transmitting to hundreds of websites, and blogs within 48 hours.  We also have buyers use our feeds on their desktops, to monitor what’s new on the site daily.


We also ask if you do not see a category to meet your needs, please email us and tell us what you need.  We will respond quickly.
For a short time only.
 This site is offered to you only $3.50 a week for our ads, with over 600 to 1500 views a day!!

Please enjoy our service, and feel free to give us your feedback.

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